Terms & Conditions

FlexiNet Europe S. L. provides internet service and internet hardware.

Support can be contacted directly at teamflexinet@flexinet.es



Contracts are subject to a 6 month minimum period, unless you are specifically subscribing for our short term service. Setup fees for contract packages are €200 for the hardware and €89 per month for unlimited 4G internet service.  Total cost for our 6-month unlimited service is €734 (€200 + €89×6).

Early Termination Fees

If you are signed on a 6 month contract for our unlimited service, you must pay an early termination fee in the event of your subscription being cancelled. If you are less than 90 days into your contract, the fee is €150. If you are 91 days or over, the fee is reduced to €75. This must be paid along with any outstanding balance to qualify for early cancellation of service.

Delivery Terms

FlexiNet Europe will dispatch all orders within 72 hours of the order being placed if you are not local to our office. If you are local to our office, you are able to collect almost immediately upon order. We use the courier company MRW who will provide a tracking number. We ship inside Spain as standard and for extra fees can ship worldwide (although please note our product only works in Spain).

Returns Policy and Warranty:

FlexiNet Europe S. L. provides a full 24 month warranty on our hardware, which in this case, are our 4G routers. This utilises the manufacturers warranty, who will replace or repair any defective unit, pending that the defect is from the factory and is not due to negligence or misuse by the client.

In accordance with Spanish law, you have a full 14 day window to return your router in unused original condition for a full refund of the cost of the hardware. You are not normally entitled to a refund of your service time unless you are unable to receive coverage due to a fault of our company.


By placing an order via our website for internet provision you agree to the terms and conditions above.